Blog Two NOLA

Sensation refers to the process of sensing our environment through touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. Perceptions are how we interpret these sensations. Fore example tasting a true New Orleans Jambalaya Pasta for the first time. First comes the sensation of tasting it. then comes the perception of how it tastes.



Signal Detection They is your ability or likelihood to detect a stimulus, is affected by the intensity  of the stimulus and your physical and psychological  state. For example, the first time a person feeds a sting ray at the NOLA Aquarium. He may find the feeling much more weird or funny than a guy who has done it multiple times.



Top-Down Processing is also known as “large chunk” processing and states that we  form perceptions by starting with the larger concept or  ideas and then working our way  down to the finer details of that concept or idea. For example, When you see a beautiful building and then you slowly start noticing the even more beautiful designs in the building.



Parallel processing is the ability of the brain to do many things at once. For example when you see a baby sea turtle waving at you. you don’t just see a turtle, you also look at its colors, shapes, and movements to understand it better.



Opponent Process Theory is where emotional reactions to a stimulus are followed by opposite emotional reactions. For example when you go on a first date with a girl and instead of being happy and excited, you are nervous and scared. Then after it is over you feel relived maybe.


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