Blog 8

  The most memorable thing that I have learned from this class is actually something I did not expect from it. During the disorders section when we talked about anxiety disorder, I realized that it may be something I deal with. People have told me it may be ADD or something similar. Until the symptoms and discussion in class about anxiety disorder I did not really care. Now I realize that I should care. I have had troubles studying, focusing, and dealing with constant stress. Because of the class, I talked to some of my fraternity brothers about my thoughts and one of them suggested I go to the schools wellness center and talk to someone one a regular basis. He said it helps him a lot in dealing with his stress. I think that I am going to try doing it next semester foe at least a while. If it can help me in my life then it can hopefully in turn help me with school. I need to stop bottling things up and learn to deal with them. It is the main reason I have trouble focusing and am struggling in school. I never expected I would learn this in a Psych 101 class, but there is a first time for everything.

  One issue I had with the class was the vast amount of information covered in the semester. I know it was an intro class, but there was a lot to remember. I also did not expect it to be so scientifically structured and taught like a history class.  Regardless of how I thought it should be, I should have applied myself harder to the course material. It was, overall, a very interesting course on the insight to how and why some people think and at in the manners they do. Hopefully I can take what I have learned in this class and use it in my future to help me and others in life.


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