The term I chose to look further into was heuristics. I chose this because I thing the word’s spelling looks interesting and is a large part of the current topic we are studying.

  Here is a link to a blog about heuristics:

  This blog talks about a man trying use various heuristics to explain to another person what heuristics are. First he tried using a straight definition approach. When that did no work he explained it more. He then compared heuristics to an algorithm and told him that an algorithm is nothing other than a heuristic for solving a potential math problem of a type that worked in the past. Afterwards, the man told him about two books that could help explain as well. The last step he used was to as the man for an example of a heuristic of his own.

  This article relates to the class in that it helps explain what a heuristic is, how one works, and has a few examples to help understand. One example that I enjoyed what the one concerning engineers. Engineers use heuristics all the time in the industry. When we need to figure out a solution we think of a similar situation in which we already came up with an answer. We then use the same approach to find a solution to our new problem. Though the approach may work it does not guarantee a correct answer. It is a heuristic and heuristics are simply a rule or a way to help solve a problem quicker if you do not already know how.